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PNY Announces High-Performance 5-Port Smart HDMI Switch

PNY 5-Port HDMI Switch

Connect up to 5 HDMI Devices via

One HDMI Port

PNY Debuts MHL Adapter for Smartphones

PNY MHL Adapter

Designed for use with latest MHL enabled smartphones & tablets

CEA Line Shows 2011 Video - Liquid Cool Graphics

CEA Line Show 2011 Liquid Cooled resized 600

PNY had a great time showing off our new Liquid Cooled GTX 580 and Active HDMI Cables at the CEA Line Show in NYC last week. A big thanks goes to our friends at Maingear for providing the awesome computer rig to show off our liquid coolness.

PNY Showcases Liquid Cooled Graphics and Active HDMI Micro Cables At CEA Line Shows

Liquid Cooled GTX 580

PNY is showcasing our new Liquid Cooled Graphics and Active HDMI Cables at CEA Lines Shows – the CE industry’s annual mid-year conference and new technology exhibit.

PNY Launches Active High Speed HDMI Micro Cable


 PNY announced today the launch of their Active High Speed HDMI® Micro Cable. This latest addition to our line of Active HDMI Cables lets users expand the horizons of their tablets and smartphones by taking viewing HD content from your device to a large screen.

Vincent Laforet: Live HDDSLR Workshop - March 4-6


Within the photography world the name Vincent Laforet has become synonymous with amazing HDDSLR production. Next week Vincent will be teaching a 3-Day free online workshop: HDDSLR - Moving From Still to Video with Vincent Laforet. The workshop will stream live over the internet on March 4th, 5th and 6th. If you're not available on those dates creativeLIVE will give you the option to purchase the course to keep. You can sign up for a discounted price on the course prior to 6pm of March 7th.

PNY Introduces XLR8 GeForce GTX 560 Ti Graphics Card


PNY is set to introduce the newest addition to our line-up of NVIDIA® GTX 500 series GPUs: the XLR8 GTX 560 Ti 1024MB graphics card.

PNY TV: Designing Spaces - See our latest products on this episode.

Solutions to a Digital Lifestyle

As we rely more and more on digital technology, we increasingly need better methods to store and transfer our precious information. Designing Spaces went in search of the latest in digital solutions that not only stores information, but also keeps our technical side of life— simple. PNY Technologies joined Designing Spaces to share our solutions that are passing others by-- on today's digital highway.

PNY storage solutions SD, SDHC and USB Flash drives allow you to store memories and take life on the go and keep connected to family and friends. Our system memory, and graphics cards allow for high performance editing and our new HDMI cables allow for crystal clear viewing without the ugly clutter from traditional cables. The HDMI cables are ultra-thin with high performance. They’re also perfect for the home environment to provide top performance without the ugly cable in sight.

PNY Technologies Launches Active High Speed HDMI Cables

A to C HDMI CablePNY is proud to announce the introduction of a new line of product: PNY Active HDMI® Cables.

The next generation of HDMI cable technology, PNY Active HDMI Cables enable high-speed 1080p HD picture and sound, all in a new ultra-thin innovative design. PNY's Active HDMI Cables are certified at the latest High-Speed HDMI 1.4a standard, deliver a guaranteed 10.2Gbps (gigabits per second) bandwidth stream for flawless HD performance at the industry's highest current speed level, and are 3D ready. These Active HDMI Cables feature built-in chip technology that controls audio and video signals to enable digital surround sound and an optimal HD experience in 1080p and beyond. With support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, including 5.1 and 7.1 audio, these Active HDMI Cables offer a true digital cinema experience. At a fraction of the size of traditional HDMI cables, these measure a slender 3.6mm in diameter and are more pliable for ease of use and compact to reduce the space required for installation. Lightweight and ultra portable, these cables are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand when rolled up. PNY's Active HDMI Cables also allow for advanced display technologies, including being 3D ready and Blu-ray 3DTM functionality.

Cheetah Cables Announces Technology Partnership with PNY Technologies

Technical innovator and global consumer electronics leader join forces to provide ultra thin intelligent HDMI cables

PNY is proud to announce our technology partnership with Cheetah Cables, an innovation leader in high technology consumer accessories for the gaming, portables and home/office computing markets. Under the strategic partnership, Cheetah Cables and PNY will jointly manufacture and market a line of ultra thin, high performance active HDMI cables under the PNY Technologies brand. Cheetah Cables are the next generation of High‐Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable technology. Combining embedded cable intelligence with a sleek, ultra thin design, Cheetah Cables deliver high performance and usability at a value price and are ideal for imaging, HD home theater, computing, gaming systems and portable applications.

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