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Solutions to a Digital Lifestyle

As we rely more and more on digital technology, we increasingly need better methods to store and transfer our precious information. Designing Spaces went in search of the latest in digital solutions that not only stores information, but also keeps our technical side of life— simple. PNY Technologies joined Designing Spaces to share our solutions that are passing others by-- on today's digital highway.

PNY storage solutions SD, SDHC and USB Flash drives allow you to store memories and take life on the go and keep connected to family and friends. Our system memory, and graphics cards allow for high performance editing and our new HDMI cables allow for crystal clear viewing without the ugly clutter from traditional cables. The HDMI cables are ultra-thin with high performance. They’re also perfect for the home environment to provide top performance without the ugly cable in sight.

Cheetah Cables Announces Technology Partnership with PNY Technologies

Technical innovator and global consumer electronics leader join forces to provide ultra thin intelligent HDMI cables

PNY is proud to announce our technology partnership with Cheetah Cables, an innovation leader in high technology consumer accessories for the gaming, portables and home/office computing markets. Under the strategic partnership, Cheetah Cables and PNY will jointly manufacture and market a line of ultra thin, high performance active HDMI cables under the PNY Technologies brand. Cheetah Cables are the next generation of High‐Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable technology. Combining embedded cable intelligence with a sleek, ultra thin design, Cheetah Cables deliver high performance and usability at a value price and are ideal for imaging, HD home theater, computing, gaming systems and portable applications.

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