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New Addition to PNY's ThinkSafe Laptop Locking Systems - Keyed Lock

Posted by Marc Ziccardi on Fri, Feb 21, 2014 @ 03:34 PM

Thousands of laptops are stolen every year. Don't become a statistic – utilize PNY's ThinkSafe suite of security products. 

PNY has expanded their lineup of ThinkSafe™ Portable Laptop Locking Systems with a Keyed Lock version.  The ThinkSafe family of products safely secures your Laptop, Ultrabook, or MacBook via your device’s hinge or built-in slot.   Current products include the Laptop Locking System and the MacBook Locking System – both featuring combination locks.  Additionally, PNY also offers a  Security Clamp accessory.  


The patented hinge-locking and patent-pending slot-locking designs utilize Hinge-Link™ and Slot-Link™ technology, providing a secure and universal fit. Plus, the keyed lock grants the ultimate in security. Our ThinkSafe product locks down the new MacBook Air & Pro with Retina Display. Protect Your World!

• Portable Locking System engineered to work with Laptops, Ultrabooks,™ and MacBooks
• Clean & convenient out-of-the-way locking solution. Does not obstruct ports on the
side of your device.
• Patented hinge locking design provides the only solution available to lock newer Ultrabooks that have no security slot
• Compact size easy to transport with included travel pouch
• Easy to Use: Hinge-Link™ inserts through your device hinge in seconds 


You've invested a lot in your laptop and we've designed the easy way to keep your laptop secure. Whether you're on the road or in the office PNY's ThinkSafe™ Portable Laptop Locking System keeps your laptop safe. 

Simple. Safe. Secure. 

Link It: insert the appropriate Hinge-Link through the laptop hinge. 

Loop It: loop the cable around a secure location point. 

Lock It: connect the lock to the Hinge-Link™. PNY's ThinkSafe™ Portable Laptop Locking System provides protection and peace of mind whether your laptop is open or closed. 


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