Posted by Marc Ziccardi on Tue, Dec 29, 2009 @ 12:19 PM

It's always amazing to see an idea start with a simple mission and blow up to a worldwide movement. It's also proof that photography can transcend economic lines, and help those in need. That's precisely what celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart pulled off and delivered with his Help-Portrait photography project. This evolved into a movement of both professional and amateur photographers hoping make a difference this holiday season.

The mission: on December 12th photographers around the world would find people in need, take their picture, make prints of the photographs and then deliver the prints. Sound simple? Well, it is... The project is about giving the photos, not taking them.

Last month, Cowart and a team of 15 local photographers conducted a test-run event in Nashville with the help of the Nashville Rescue Mission, a local homeless shelter. In that single day, more than 80 homeless men, women and children had their portraits taken, some of whom had never been photographed before.

The end result of the 12/12 photo shoots: over 30,000 portraits taken across the world.

To read some extremely touching stories and feel the full impact of this project Click Here:

And to access the main page of the project click here:

It's projects like Jeremy's that bring unlikely people together and show the power of the human spirit.


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