Cheetah Cables Announces Technology Partnership with PNY Technologies

Posted by Marc Ziccardi on Thu, Jan 14, 2010 @ 03:57 PM

Technical innovator and global consumer electronics leader join forces to provide ultra thin intelligent HDMI cables

PNY is proud to announce our technology partnership with Cheetah Cables, an innovation leader in high technology consumer accessories for the gaming, portables and home/office computing markets. Under the strategic partnership, Cheetah Cables and PNY will jointly manufacture and market a line of ultra thin, high performance active HDMI cables under the PNY Technologies brand. Cheetah Cables are the next generation of High‐Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable technology. Combining embedded cable intelligence with a sleek, ultra thin design, Cheetah Cables deliver high performance and usability at a value price and are ideal for imaging, HD home theater, computing, gaming systems and portable applications.

PNY Active HDMI Cables, powered by Cheetah, will feature the latest high‐speed HDMI 1.4 technology. The adoption of HDMI - high‐bandwidth, unidirectional, uncompressed digital interface standards - continues to gain ground across the consumer electronics (CE) segment. HDMI has been adopted nearly universally in digital televisions with significant growth in notebook computers, Netbooks, computer high speed professional graphics cards, set top boxes, gaming platforms such as PS3 and Xbox and portable CE devices including digital camcorders, digital still cameras and media players. According to In‐Stat, the number of mobile PCs with HDMI increased 76 percent over the last two years and the multi‐billion dollar mobile phone market is expected to be the next high‐growth market. "

Cheetah Cables deliver optimum performance via an ultra thin cable. Cheetah Cables enable a guaranteed 10.2Gbs over 1/3 the size cable diameter up to 5 meters in length and is available in standard‐to‐standard, for connecting your TV to a cable box, Blu‐ray player, laptop/PC, or gaming console, or standard‐to‐micro connectors, for connecting your TV to a digital or video camera. Unlike passive cables, Cheetah Cables come standard with Dynamic Adaptive EqualizationTM for improved bandwidth performance and enhanced audio/video capabilities.

These active HDMI cables have a patented semiconductor technology from RedMere embedded in the cable which minimizes the data errors that usually occur when very high speed signals are transmitted over copper using signal conditioning techniques.

Cheetah Cables will be available for purchase in the first half of 2010. To learn more about what Cheetah Cables and PNY are doing to support the consumer electronic demand for intelligent, ultra thin cables, visit for more information. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to stay on top of the latest products announcements.

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