DE (Digital Engineering ) Editor’s Pick: NVIDIA Quadro GP100

Posted by PNY Technologies on Thu, Apr 06, 2017 @ 10:17 AM

Gp100-Sync.pngEditor’s Pick:

NVIDIA Quadro GP100

Excerpts from DE article:

Artie Doyle’s “The Adventure of the Abbey Grange” opens with Sherlock Holmes rousting sleeping Watson with urgent words: “The game’s afoot … Into your clothes and come!” Today’s Editor’s Pick of the Week is no game. But if you need supercomputing-class graphics processing horsepower on your workstation, come, read and hold on to your hat.

The Quadro GP100 basically brings HPC (high-performance computing) graphics horsepower to desktop workstations. It offers double-precision performance with 16GB of second-generation high-bandwidth memory (HBM2) and a 717GB per second memory bandwidth. The Quadro GP100 provides more than 20 TFLOPS of 16-bit floating-point precision computing. Single-precision (FP32) performance is 10 TFLOPS.

What does that mean for you? For one, you can run simulations while designing and get realistic multi physics simulations quickly. Two, rendering should pop. Three, since it is VR (virtual reality) ready, you could integrate VR into your design and simulation workflows and be really cool. Four, you could use your workstation as a deep learning development platform.

You can also merge a pair of Quadro GP100 GPUs with NVIDIA’s NVLink high-bandwidth, energy-efficient interconnect technology to scale to 32GB of HBM2 memory. That is, you could build a large-scale visual computing solution on a single engineering workstation.

Anthony J. Lockwood
Editor at Large, DE

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