PNY and GTC 2019

Posted by PNY Technologies on Wed, Feb 13, 2019 @ 05:00 PM

GTC-blog-1PNY and NVIDIA are looking forward to GTC 2019, and the opportunity to unveil Quadro RTX (Turing architecture) GPU solutions to attendees. Whether generating real-time, photo-realistic rendering, bringing the AI technology intrinsic to NVIDIA’s NGX platform to design and creative professionals, driving the boundaries of generative design forward, or providing unprecedented virtual reality experiences, NVIDIA Quadro GPUs will demonstrate their industry leading capabilities at GTC.

NVIDIA and Quadro GPUs are driven by innovation. Quadro RTX is capable of cinematic quality ray tracing, utilizing AI to transition Quadro from a tool to an active assistant, and increase productivity by dramatically reducing time from insight or concept to product or project delivery. Quadro MXM (embedded) solutions provide unmatched capabilities for products requiring novel form factors, ruggedization, or strict power or thermal budgets, while providing the performance and features necessary for mission-critical applications ranging from imaging to defense, or addressing markets such as casino gaming.

The possibilities NVIDIA introduced with the Quadro RTX are far-reaching and diverse. Advanced virtual reality opens a world of collaborative, simultanious input from participating members around the globe. Turing architecture-powered AI will automate labor intensive and time tasks, allowing highly skilled (and paid) specialists to focus on creating or discovering.

Demanding challenges don’t wait for answers, so why should you? Use promo code GMXGTC when registering for GTC 2019 and save 20% on any pass. Visit PNY at booth #1133 to see how powerful NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs are revolutionizing entire industries, and enter for your chance to win a NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000! Don’t forget to ask for your limited edition RTX T-shirt while supplies last.

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