PNY Pro Tips: #1 Powering your GPU investment

Posted by Jay Chen on Fri, May 18, 2018 @ 02:04 PM

Electricity powers your high-performance computer; having the right power supply is crucial to maximizing your GPU performance and reliability.

Here are some tips to ensure your GPU is powered properly

  • Follow manufacturer’s wattage recommendation
  • Have the correct auxiliary connections
  • Make sure power connections are seated fully and secured properly

Additional Read:  Quadro Power Guidelines (pdf)




TDP, or Thermal Design Power represents the maximum heat generated by the component under normal working condition.

TGP, or Total Graphics Power represents the maximum amount of power system power supply should provide to the graphics board.

TDP is a rating of heat generation and TGP is rating of power wattage.  Despite both being rated in Watts, TDP is not TGP but a good approximation of TGP when TGP is not available.


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