Pro Tip #26 – Accelerate Adobe Creative Cloud with NVIDIA RTX GPUs

Posted by PNY Pro on Thu, Jul 01, 2021 @ 04:45 PM

Accelerate Adobe Creative Cloud with NVIDIA RTX GPUs

Adobe Creative Cloud is an integrated suite of applications, asset libraries, and collaboration tools tailor-made for creative professionals and home Picasso’s. Popular applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and SpeedGrade have become indispensable tools unleashing the creativity hidden inside us all. Now, thanks to the ongoing partnership between Adobe and NVIDIA, creative professionals can realize previously unobtainable creative visions. By leveraging an NVIDIA RTX graphics card supplied by PNY Technologies, Adobe Creative Cloud users can accelerate their innovative workflows like never before, speeding up the process from initial concept to final photorealistic renders, polished videos, or avant-garde illustrations with new tools, techniques, and more. See the infographic below for some highlights.



In August 2018, NVIDIA introduced RTX technologies across a family of Turing architecture graphics cards including the RTX 8000, RTX 6000, RTX 5000, and RTX 4000. NVIDIA RTX redefined computer graphics, by implementing dedicated hardware for real-time ray tracing, accelerated AI, and advanced shaders, allowing software developers like Adobe to offer its vast user community next-level creativity and productivity boosting performance and features.

In 2020 NVIDIA refined RTX technology with their first Ampere architecture-based graphics board, the NVIDIA RTX A6000, which amplified performance, features, creativity, innovation, and productivity with second-generation RT Cores, third-generation Tensor Cores, more efficient CUDA Cores, greater GPU memory bandwidth, and enhanced NVLink for GPU memory pooling and performance scaling. At GTC 21 NVIDIA announced the NVIDIA RTX A5000 and NVIDIA RTX A4000 – bringing the benefits of next generation RTX technology to the Adobe community



With the latest NVIDIA RTX cards professionals across all industries enjoy enhanced performance and productivity, but what if Adobe Creative Cloud Is an integral part of your workflow? You're in luck if this applies to you or your team! Here are just some key Adobe features that are accelerated when you utilize an NVIDIA RTX graphics card:


  • GPU-accelerated encode (NVENC) to speed up video exports.
  • GPU-accelerated decode (NVDEC) to enable smooth playback and scrubbing of high-resolution and multi-stream video.
  • GPU-accelerated effects with NVIDIA CUDA technology for faster real-time video editing and frame rendering, up to 5s faster NVIDIA encoding exports, and 23x faster video editing overall.
  • GPU-accelerated AI Auto Reframe intelligently tracks objects and crops landscape video to social media-friendly aspect ratios, making it simple to produce online content.


  • Speeds up the entire canvas by over 10x, allowing artists to pan and zoom seamlessly in real-time, even when working with the most complex illustrations.


  • RTX-accelerated “Neural Filters” bring the power of AI to complex adjustments. The Smart Portrait filter, for example, is based on NVIDIA research Adobe has incorporated.
  • RTX-accelerated “Super Resolution” uses AI to upscale images with higher quality than traditional methods.
  • Over 30 GPU-accelerated features including blur gallery, liquify, smart sharpen, and perspective warp enables photographers and artists to modify and adjust images smoothly and quickly.


  • NVIDIA CUDA GPU-accelerated key effects for faster rendering are up to 39x faster.


  • GPU-accelerated image processing for dramatically more responsive adjustments, especially on 4K or higher resolution displays when working with massive pixel count images produced by the latest advanced amateur or professional digital cameras.
  • RTX-accelerated AI-powered “Enhance Details” feature refines fine color detail of high-resolution RAW images.

Among other enhancements and improvements, RTX Ray tracing capabilities and accelerated AI helps 3D designers fast-track their workflows; significantly speeding up 3D rendering in Adobe Dimension, along with automating and relighting 3D textures using Substance Alchemist—a process that normally would take hours, now takes minutes or less.

Overall, these NVIDIA RTX GPU-driven enhancements to Adobe Creative Cloud enable you and your team to work faster, use time saved to iterate more and explore additional creative options, and ultimately deliver superior projects to colleagues or clients. Explore these possibilities in more depth with the resources below, to learn how the fusion of NVIDIA GPUs and Adobe Creative Cloud lets you create your life’s best work.


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