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Whether it’s GPU rendering which enables interactive and physically accurate renderings to speed up decision making across all facets of the design and review process, or the use of VR to provide the immersive context and scale needed to fully understand and resolve design issues before construction commences, PREVAILPRO Mobile Workstations provide the latest technology necessary to advance your firm’s Architecture, Engineering and Construction capabilities.

PNY PREVAILPRO Mobile Workstation“The PNY PREVAILPRO P4000 gives you a very welcome boost for real time visualization or GPU rendering. It also has the potential to take your designs into Virtual Reality (VR).”  Greg Corke, AECMAGAZINE

If you are using BIM, CAD, 3D design, VR or rendering software then PREVAILPRO mobile workstations are the perfect answer for your increasingly sophisticated workflows. PNY’s PREVAILPRO solutions including the top of the line PREVAILPRO P4000 Upgraded Pro which is VR-Ready, mid-range PNY PREVAILPRO P3000 Upgraded Pro and the entry PREVAILPRO P3000 Base, are some of the world’s thinnest and lightest mobile workstations.  NVIDIA Max-Q Design technology results in a weight of only 4.8 lbs. and a 30dB acoustical footprint, less ambient noise than a typical library. 

Now, using the powerful performance of PREVAILPRO, you can work with complex designs, perform CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) analysis, render photorealistic images directly from your source design files, or even experience them in fully immersive VR at scale – at the office or on the road. Our flagship PREVAILPRO P4000 Upgraded Pro features 1792 CUDA cores, 4.4 TFLOPS of FP32 (single precision) compute performance, 8GB of GDDR5 GPU memory and 192 GB/sec of memory bandwidth!  A built-in 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) display and the ability to simultaneously drive three (3) external 4K UHD HDR (High Dynamic Range) panels, means you’ll never run out of screen real estate – even when running multiple programs.

An Intel Core i7 7700 HQ CPU at 2.8 GHz (3.8 GHz Turb) and Intel’s Mobile HM175 Express chipset deliver a balanced system architecture to support the incredibly powerful GPU. 

Our PREVAILPRO P3000 Upgraded Pro, utilizes a powerful NVIDIA Quadro P3000 GPU with 6GB of dedicated GPU memory - enough to handle sophistical design or BIM (Building Information Modeling) applications while delivering photorealistic rendering results when required.  The only capability you give up is VR (Virtual Reality).  The other specifications, features and benefits remain the same. 

The PREVAILPRO P3000 Base configuration doesn’t skimp on GPU or CPU performance, but it does take DRAM to 16GB, provides a low-latency 128GB SSD boot drive for critical system and application files, and utilizes a 1TB HDD for application data.  Like all of our PREVAILPRO mobile workstations, it packs tremendous performance and capabilities into a thin and light form factor.

PNY PREVAILPRO stands out as one of the first thin and light mobile workstations to deliver desktop class performance and features including VR, and easily drive up to four 4K UHD displays simultaneously.  It is designed to run your professional applications and make it easy for you to work anywhere you need to. 

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