DE Editors Pick: ANSYS Discovery Live with Quadro high performance GPUS

Posted by PNY Pro on Tue, Oct 10, 2017 @ 02:27 PM

Digital EngineeringBy fully utilizing NVIDIA® Quadro® high performance GPUs and NVIDIA CUDA technology, ANSYS Discovery Live significantly shortens design-simulation workflows from days to hours and minutes to seconds. With this exciting new software engineers can make faster and smarter design decisions by using real-time engineering simulation as an accessible design tool.

See why DE‘s Editors selected NVIDIA CUDA and GPU technologies for ANSYS Discovery Live as their Pick of the Week.

Excerpts from DE article:

discovery-live-top-image.jpgThe key to Discovery Live’s performance lies in the collaboration between ANSYS code and NVIDIA technologies. Specifically, ANSYS developed all-new solvers for Discovery Live that capitalize on the massive parallel-processing capabilities of NVIDIA’s professional-level GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) and NVIDIA’s CUDA parallel computing and programming model. CUDA is designed to make developing applications to exploit GPU potential easier.

The ANSYS Discovery Live technology preview runs on mobile or desktop workstations with a dedicated NVIDIA GPU and at least 4GB of memory. For optimal visualization results, NVIDIA recommends a professional-level Quadro graphics solution such as its GP100 visual computing accelerator.

Learn More »Quadro GP100

  • See why DE’s Editors selected NVIDIA CUDA and GPU technologies for ANSYS Discovery Live as their Pick of the Week.
  • Read NVIDIA’S Blog: How ANSYS Discovery Live Transforms Design - Real-time design simulation made easy with NVIDIA CUDA.

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