Digital Storm Workstations and How to Win one!

Posted by PNY Pro on Fri, Feb 04, 2022 @ 02:30 PM


Why Workstations are Important

The phrase ‘using the right tool for the job’ comes to mind when thinking about professional workstations. If productivity and efficiency is of critical importance, a workstation is the only solution for increased workflow performance and stability. For businesses with employees in engineering or content creation roles, a workstation is vital for the complex and powerful programs they utilize. 

In this blog, we will outline why a Digital Storm workstation improves workflow productivity and the quality or innovation of the end result, as well as the best workstation for different professional roles, and how you can participate in a desktop workstation giveaway.

The Workflow Improvement

One essential differentiator professional workstations offer is reliability. For example, using the right thermal solution for cooling the hardware avoids overheated components which are more likely to fail and eliminates performance decreases as critical subsystems like the GPU throttle back, decreasing performance and productivity. This is true for the chassis that the hardware is installed in as well.

Another improvement comes from utilizing components that are more robust and fault-tolerant. From CPUs and GPUs that feature error correcting code (ECC memory), or storage devices that support RAID to increase performance and/or reliability of data storage. Workstation components are selected and specified to deliver maximum reliability or avoid data loss in the event of a failure.

Finally, and most importantly, workstations feature independent software vendor (ISV) certification. This means that all workstations are installed with hardware that has been thoroughly tested and verified to run required ISV software at optimal performance with the highest possible stability.

The Types of Workstations

The three major professions that need high-end performance workstations are engineers, production artists, and data scientists. Although vastly different, whether you’re in engineering, content creation, or data science/big data analytics the workstation you use will have many similarities.

Each of these professions will benefit greatly from workstations featuring the following attributes:

  • CPU – High core count and clock speed to fully utilize rendering times on software to run any tasks or workloads that are not suitable for GPU acceleration.
  • GPU – An NVIDIA® RTX™ graphics board capable of performing real-time rendering in application viewports for essential CAD, CAE, and M&E (DCC) applications, or for use with virtual reality (VR). AI-enhanced applications are also supported with new features never before available.
  • DRAM – The amount of system memory will vary depending on the complexity of your workflow. A good standard to follow is 32GB at 3200Mhz.
  • Storage – Opting for SSDs offering RAID support will significantly reduce loading times and improve data security and integrity.

The Giveaway

Now that you’re aware of the key benefits and functionality a professional workstation offers, here’s your chance to win a Digital Storm desktop workstation so you can experience the performance and productivity benefits for yourself. Make sure to watch this video or visit to learn how to win a Digital Storm workstation.


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