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Posted by PNY Pro on Fri, Jan 21, 2022 @ 02:30 PM

Secure and reliable high-speed networking is the backbone of modern Data Centers and Enterprises. A well-designed network provides not only the necessary high-speed throughput and low latency required to transport data between network nodes and data centers but also the redundancy and security to keep data centers and enterprises safe and operating at peak efficiency.

NVIDIA® is the leader in accelerated networking solutions and a pioneer in new advancements such as the Data Processing Unit (DPU) which is why PNY is proud to become an NVIDIA networking product partner carrying and supporting NVIDIA’s entire Ethernet and InfiniBand end-to-end product suites.


In this blog, we highlight four PNY videos available on our YouTube channel that showcase the benefits of each NVIDIA networking product category.

NVIDIA Ethernet Switching

NVIDIA Spectrum switches lead the industry in open networking blending unmatched ASIC technology with diverse modern network operating system choices including NVIDIA Cumulus Linux, SONiC, and NVIDIA Onyx.

NVIDIA Ethernet Networking

NVIDIA InfiniBand Networking

HPC and AI require the most advanced high-speed networking. NVIDIA InfiniBand provides the highest performance in-network computing acceleration engines providing a performance boost for industrial, AI, and scientific applications.

NVIDIA InfiniBand Networking

NVIDIA BlueField: Industry-Leading Portfolio of Data Processing Units (DPU)

Unlike server processors, NVIDIA BlueField®  DPUs are purpose-built for offloading, accelerating and isolating software-defined data center services, which creates a high-performance, zero-trust IT infrastructure. The DPU’s network-packet and security processing leverage programmable data planes as well as CPU cores for running control-plane and application code, enabling a far more efficient and secure IT solution for enterprises of all sizes.

NVIDIA BlueField: Leading Portfolio of Data Processing Units (DPU)

End-to-End High-Speed Ethernet Connectivity

NVIDIA networking offers complete Ethernet solutions for your data center, from server connectivity, to cables, to switching, giving you a competitive advantage. These end-to-end solutions deliver industry-leading performance, scalability, reliability, and value across a wide range of applications such as cloud computing, algorithmic trading, data storage, artificial intelligence, and more.

End-to-End High-Speed Ethernet Connectivity

In our PNY Pro blog End-to-End AI, Cloud, and HPC NVIDIA Networking Solutions now Available from PNY, we highlighted the different NVIDIA networking product categories including NVIDIA ConnectX® SmartNICs, NVIDIA BlueField DPUs, NVIDIA Spectrum® Network Switches, and LinkX® transceivers and cables.

High-speed networking is a must-have feature for modern data centers and NVIDIA Networking products are optimized to work with NVIDIA’s AI and Compute accelerators, and GPU accelerated software stacks. Please visit our NVIDIA Networking Solutions page to learn about NVIDIA networking products, or contact for additional information.

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