Live Webinar: NVIDIA RTX - Accelerate Your Creativity and Deliver Your Project On Time

Posted by PNY Pro on Fri, Jul 09, 2021 @ 05:25 PM


Announced at GTC 21 in mid-April, NVIDIA's latest additions to their professional graphics product line will be the subject of an upcoming Webinar with speakers John Della Bona from NVIDIA, and PNY's own Carl Flygare. With new GPUs based on the latest Ampere architecture, and enhanced small-form factor NVIDIA Turing architecture series, NVIDIA’s products continue to advance the boundaries of the possible compared to previous generations and current competitors. Dive into this session with John and Carl to explore how NVIDIA's latest category redefining solutions are enabling professionals to deliver their best work, and how they’re able to unleash new vistas of creativity and productivity.

Books or other reading materials are a great source for learning new and improved ways of doing something faster and more efficiently. Sometimes we pick up tips from TV, the internet, an overheard conversation, or directly from a person giving a speech at a conference. We also have the ability to develop our own techniques and unique approaches. But how? A general answer comes from experience; however, the answer is often better technology.

PNY's business partner, NVIDIA, develops their technology and products to provide us with the tools and tips we need to excel, especially addressing improving workflows across all key verticals. For certain workflows that require a lot of processing, like photorealistic rendering in visual design applications, working with large data sets in AI or data centers, powerful and innovative solutions are required to handle these varied workloads. NVIDIA invented the GPU in 1999 and has continued to refine their product lines to optimize workflows for the modern professional. Now with its vast array of GPU-accelerated solutions, NVIDIA offers unprecedented performance at scale with their latest line of professional graphics, computation, collaboration, and virtualization solutions.

The upcoming webinar on NVIDIA’s latest solutions takes place on July 29, 2021 at 12:00 pm EDT (9:00 am PDT). Reserve your online seat!

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