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Posted by PNY Pro on Fri, Jul 31, 2020 @ 02:45 PM

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As colleges and Universities are getting ready for the new academic year, there are a lot of changes that need to be addressed to create a safe learning environment. Due to COVID-19, most Colleges and Universities will not be reopening for in-class instruction anytime soon and are looking toward resources like online collaboration, digital lectures, and digital content that can help them create a more immersive, interactive learning environment. To meet these needs, educational institutions are taking advantage of  NVIDIA® Quadro® visualization solutions  to help deliver professional capabilities—like 3D design, virtual reality, and much more—directly to in person or online classrooms.

NVIDIA Quadro solutions allow schools to equip their students with a powerful set of learning and future workforce skills. Students are looking for real-world industry experience and a knowledge of the tools they will be using in real-life. With NVIDIA Quadro solutions, students can work with the leading professional graphics tools used across all major industries today. Schools looking to provide real-world industry experience can take advantage of the only solution designed, tested, and tuned for professional applications. Through cutting-edge research in AI for computer graphics and developer tools for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, Quadro tools and technology provides professors and students with the most powerful learning platform. NVIDIA Quadro GPUs enable higher education to dramatically improve the educational experience offered, while enabling flexible learning styles and simplifying IT management.

While science works to overcome COVID-19, educational institutions are looking to create a borderless campus, delivering new virtual lecture halls and labs for students, faculty, and staff with uncompromised graphics performance that’s secure, manageable, and easily scales. NVIDIA virtual GPU technology is leading the way, bringing power and performance to virtual workspaces, allowing students to access their applications from the data center. These secure, immersive learning environments are accessible on almost any device, wherever Wi-Fi is available, giving students the flexibility to do their work on the go. In addition to increasing student learning and productivity, GPU-accelerated virtual labs and classrooms simplify management for the IT department, reducing the school’s overall operational expenses.

Teachers and students across the country are continuing to work and study at home, driving the need to deliver engaging and high-quality online curriculum content while carefully assessing student engagement and retention. Given the new realities we’re teaching and learning under, NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics boards offer the performance, stability, features, and availability required to conceive and implement new ways of learning.

Researchers, faculty and students at Higher Education institutions are continually pushing the frontiers of science, technology, and understanding forward, which requires the most advanced tools powered by NVIDIA Quadro desktop GPUs to drive their computational mathematics, life and physical sciences, engineering, advanced visualization, including collaborative VR, and AI projects.


For a limited time, the highest performance NVIDIA Quadro professional graphic boards are available at special pricing, making them affordable and accessible for education institutions so they can offer the leading solutions to their students.


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