SIGGRAPH 2019 Video Round Up

Posted by PNY Pro on Fri, Aug 23, 2019 @ 12:00 PM

Welcome to Mitch’s Video Round up! This is the first in a series of Video Round Ups produced by PNY’s resident videographer, Mitch Palmer.  As a recent SIGGRAPH 2019, attendee, the largest show for Computer Graphics and animation, Mitch interviewed industry movers and shakers.  Enjoy the results below:

NVIDIA GauGAN at SIGGRAPH – Interview with Andrew Page, NVIDIA


Andrew Page manages advanced technologies for NVIDIA’s Professional Visualization team. His GauGAN demo shows how advanced graphics and AI benefits artistic creativity and productivity.

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Virtual Production Pipelines using NVIDIA Quadro RTX – Interview with Andrew Page, NVIDIA

Andrew Page

Andrew Page explains how multiple artists and designers can work together with virtual workstations.

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NVIDIA Quadro RTX AEC Workflows – Interview with George Matos

George Matos

George Matos, a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at NVIDIA, explains how AEC Workflow are more realistic than ever, thanks to NVIDIA Quadro RTX.

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Virtual Reality for Automotive Design and Engineering – Elizabeth Baron, VP Immersive Solutions at Silverdraft Computing

Elizabeth Baron

Elizabeth Baron has extensive experience in professional VR and consults with Ford to implement new uses for VR in automotive design and engineering. In this presentation, Elizabeth covers the evolution of immersive VR solutions and where they are headed.

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Stay tuned for future editions of Mitch’s Video Round Ups coming soon…

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