SOLIDWORKS World 2018: Quadro GPUs including the PREVAILPRO P4000 Accelerate 3D CAD, VR, simulation and design workflows

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Discover how designers are using NVIDIA Quadro GPUs to bring concepts to creation on the latest PNY PREVAILPRO P4000 mobile workstation or in photorealistic VR environments at SOLIDWORKS World, NVIDIA booth 601, February 4-7, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Visitors to PNY’s Partner Booths including the NVIDIA booth will discover how Quadro GPUs provide exceptional performance in all SOLIDWORKS applications with smoother, more realistic performance in every design mode. See for yourself how Quadro GPUs deliver the high performance needed for design and manufacturing workflows like immersive, collaborative VR, rendering physically accurate materials, and world-leading AI for generative design software.

Accelerate Design with AI

At SOLIDWORKS World, NVIDIA is demonstrating how SOLIDWORKS Visualize users can render their designs up to 10x faster, thanks to new AI-based denoising capabilities of NVIDIA Optix 5.0.

This interactive, noise-free rendering capability in an early preview of SOLIDWORKS Visualize helps design professionals experiment with and evaluate 10x as many design alternatives in the same amount of time, leading to shorter product development cycles and better product design.

Quadro GPUs offer superior real-time photorealistic rendering

Engineers and designers are always looking for the latest technology to help them accurately predict what the final outcome of their project or product will be. A tiny flaw not picked up in an initial concept could have huge repercussions later.  Accurately seeing products in photorealistic quality as early in the development pipeline as possible is critical to success. NVIDIA will demonstrate lifelike renders created using SOLIDWORKS 2018 and SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional with a Quadro P4000-powered PNY PREVAILPRO P4000 mobile workstation. Using the power of Quadro GPUs, designers can interactively visualize design changes during their workflow, with the confidence that they’re seeing a lifelike, photorealistic virtual product on ultra high resolution 4K displays.

Discover the future of computer-aided design in VR with Quadro GPUs

With the emergence of Virtual Reality in product design workflows, the need for powerful, reliable Quadro VR-Ready professional GPUs has never been more evident. Visitors to the NVIDIA or SOLIDWORKS booths will be able to see NVIDIA’s Holodeck in action, using an HMD, and participate in a collaborative review of a multi-floor model of an Astoria patrol boat.  Described as the “Design lab of the future” the Holodeck empowers designers, peers, and stakeholders to collaborate in a 3D virtual environment. Development timelines are shortened by viewing photorealistic 3D models from CAD data while reducing physical prototype iterations.

NVIDIA Quadro: How Great Designs Get Built

Powering NVIDIA’s demos at SOLIDWORKS World are NVIDIA Quadro professional GPUs. From the GP100, the world’s most powerful GPU for both design and simulation, to the VR Ready P4000 and beyond, all Quadro GPUs are certified by SOLIDWORKS and hundreds of other professional workstation applications to deliver performance you can rely on.

Experience better results with all your SOLIDWORKS projects, a whole lot faster, with NVIDIA professional graphics solutions.

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