The Advantage of Quadro GP100 for CAE

Posted by PNY Pro on Thu, Jul 13, 2017 @ 06:43 PM


The Advantage of Quadro GP100 for CAE

Bring optimal designs to market faster with the NVIDIA Quadro GP100 — the ultimate solution for the most sophisticated CAE workflows in design and manufacturing.

Learn more about ANSYS and SIMULIA Abaqus performance gains using GPU acceleration »

Computer aided engineering (CAE) workloads are computationally intensive, requiring massive amounts of double precision compute performance to complete the simulation task. While CPUs use up to 24 cores per CPU for a task, GPUs can provide thousands of cores, offering a superior compute solution for CAE. Multiple GPUs can then be used for the extreme levels of performance required by the largest, most complex simulations.

Not only can GPUs provide the compute power necessary for compute intensive CAE workflows, they also deliver the visualization capability necessary to create complex designs, pre & post processing data for CAE analysis, as well as displaying the results.

GP100 CAE Workflows

GP100 Outperforms Previous Models and CPU only

In recent tests, SIMULIA Abaqus 2017 performed up to 60% faster with the GP100 compared to the  K6000 and provided up to 2.5X the performance and lower total solution cost* than CPU only solutions. ANSYS Mechanical 18.1 ran up to 2.6X Faster with GP100 than CPU-Only . 

“Preliminary studies with the new Quadro GP100 show that our customers can cut the time for typical ANSYS Mechanical models in half, enabling them to innovate products faster across the entire life cycle.” - Wim Slagter, Director of HPC & Cloud Marketing, ANSYS

“ We have seen significant acceleration of our Abaqus FEA software simulations which help unify traditional design and simulation workflows.” - Sumanth Kumar, Vice President, Growth, SIMULIA, Dassault Systèmes 

For full details, Download the Brochure »

*based on total hardware and software cost.

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