Upcoming Webinar: How NVIDIA is Advancing the Future of Digital Storytelling

Posted by PNY Pro on Fri, Mar 18, 2022 @ 04:40 PM

Media and Entertainment Webinar


During this exciting webinar NVIDIA and PNY will explore and explain how NVIDIA RTXTechnology in general, and the latest Ampere architecture-based graphics boards in particular, along with high performance Ethernet networking, and new software tools like NVIDIA OmniverseEnterprise, are fundamentally changing the Media and Entertainment industry, delivering next generation workflows, and improving the quality and nuance of digital storytelling.

About the Webinar

NVIDIA professional GPU accelerated full-stack solutions are rapidly transforming the Media and Entertainment Industry. Remote work and collaboration, AI, virtualized solutions hosted in the data center, virtual production, virtual worlds, and radical changes to broadcast are being realized.

Join Carl Flygare (PNY), Rick Champagne (NVIDIA) and Sepi Motamedi (NVIDIA) to explore how the latest NVIDIA RTX products, NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, GPU virtualization (vGPU) and ISV Media and Entertainment applications are transforming production and broadcast workflows, changing content management and distribution, and profoundly changing content consumption.

Learn About:

  • How NVIDIA Technology is enabling massive speedups to leading creative applications
  • Why virtual production is the new normal
  • How to bring virtual worlds to Media and Entertainment with NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise
  • Live broadcast opportunities, trends and workflow advances
  • New techniques for content management, distribution, and consumption
  • Essential NVIDIA RTX, data center GPU, and NVIDIA networking solutions

The webinar concludes with a live Q&A session with our industry experts. After participating in this webinar, you will have deep insights into how NVIDIA RTX technology can assist your Media and Entertainment workflows with enhanced performance and features, virtual GPU and data center enabled solutions, and how breakthrough workflow-altering software like NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise can boost productivity and creativity, while enabling personnel to work from anywhere. You will also be knowledgeable about the shift from SDI to Ethernet in production environments, and how enhanced network connectivity lays the foundation for the M&E innovations we will explore.



Bonus: All live webinar  attendees will be entered into a drawing for the chance to win an NVIDIA RTX 4000!


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