vIITSEC 2020: HTC VIVE Pro Secure for Defense and Intelligence VR, Ultimate Graphics, AI and HPC Performance with NVIDIA RTX A6000

Posted by PNY Pro on Wed, Nov 25, 2020 @ 04:30 PM

vIITSEC 2020

The annual Interservice Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (IITSEC), the world’s largest modeling, simulation and training event has gone virtual. If you are attending vIITSEC 2020 scheduled for November 30 to December 4, we invite you to meet with PNY and HTC to discuss the unique HTC VIVE Pro Secure, professional-grade VR designed for classified and secure environments that require Authority to Operate. VIVE Pro Secure features top-tier graphics, premium audio, and Steam VR room-scale tracking – and this VR HMD can go where others cannot. It’s a secure setup for serious results and PNY is HTC’s exclusive VIVE Pro Secure partner across North America.

PNY is also the exclusive channel supplier of NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs across NALA, including NVIDIA Quadro MXM for embedded applications, GPU Down for mission optimized systems requiring GPU features and capabilities, and the latest NVIDIA Quadro RTX solutions – including the incredible new NVIDIA RTX A6000, NVIDIA’s first Ampere-based architecture professional graphics board that dramatically raises the bar for graphics, AI, and HPC use cases demanded by mission-critical aerospace and defense applications. All NVIDIA Quadro RTX or NVIDIA RTX series pro products ideally complement the HTC VIVE Pro Secure.

Uniquely, PNY also offers a full range of NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics boards in addition to NVIDIA Quadro. Learn about the latest Ampere-based GeForce RTX offerings – all VR ready – and explore how they can take simulation, training and education to new levels of effectiveness and proficiency with secure VR tailored to the needs of the government, defense, and intelligence communities.

vIITSEC showcases simulation, education, modeling and training technology for the synergistic exchange of information across industry, military, and educational communities. Based on NVIDIA’s breakthrough Turing and Ampere-based architectures, NVIDIA Quadro RTX, NVIDIA RTX, and GeForce RTX GPUs are ideal for simulation and training applications, where real-time rendering is an essential component of the solution and AI can also be utilized to deliver more innovative, cost-effective, and transformational solutions.

Using second generation RT Cores and third generation Tensor Cores, Ampere architecture based RTX GPUs deliver the hardware and software necessary to realize real-time cinematic quality ray tracing, advanced shading and deep learning to dramatically enhance simulation, perform big data analytics, and analyze ELINT with unprecedented performance – all with an AI assist.

Whether it’s for Deep Learning (AI), High Performance Computing (HPC), Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR), Scientific Visualization, Signal Processing, CAD or complex CAE simulations, or mission simulators, NVIDIA RTX professional graphics products, including MXM Embedded and GPU Down solutions, feature the rigorously controlled build quality and long product lifecycles required by government, defense and intelligence programs, along with unmatched technical support for mission-critical deployments.

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