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Water, water everywhere…

The Plastiki

"Water" is the definitely the word this month, and is coincidentally the main topic in this month's Special Edition of National Geographic Magazine. There's a free download of that issue is available online until April 2nd.

PNY Secure Digital Cards Go Rafting

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Hayden 

Grand Canyon GigaView
A Virtual Tour of America's Premier River Trip
PNY Secure Digital cards go rafting.

In less than a week, eight friends and I will push off from the bank at Lee's Ferry on the Colorado River for a 225 mile wilderness rafting expedition down the Grand Canyon.  Traveling with me are two small, waterproof boxes containing a number of 16GB Secure Digital cards from PNY that are crucial to the photography project I will be working on during the trip.

Memory Upgrading Part Two


Memory Upgrading Continued...

Memory Upgrading Part One


Memory Upgrading

(Part I)

Today's software applications make greater demands on your system's memory. Take full advantage of your software's productivity enhancements by upgrading your memory and optimizing the efficiency of your PC, laptop or Mac with a memory upgrade. Let's take a look at why you may need a memory upgrade, and how you can maximize your PC.

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